CDP Principles

Published by League Admin
Nov 21, 2018

Building Champions in Life Through Competition
Accomplished through Culture, Training & Competition
Champion Development Program
YOU are important:
One great attitude cannot win a game. BUT… bad attitude can ruin a season
You complete the puzzle. You have a responsibility to do your part.
It is inexcusable not give your best effort
You are a leader on the team. Leadership comes with responsibility, not privilege.
Coaching Philosophy
Competitive soccer provides a vehicle for your children to experience, face, and overcome direct challenges in a healthy, encouraging environment. It is our responsibility as coaches and spectators to foster an environment that demands the pursuit of excellence, while encouraging risk-taking and learning from mistakes.
A win is a checkmark in the win column. A victory is the lasting growth that results from focused effort toward a goal that is beyond our current ability. The victory is derived from the effort, attitude and commitment – not the final score.
Our goal will be to develop:
Repetition – Hard becomes easy with consistent effort
Sportsmanship – fight like crazy during the game. Laugh like friends afterword
Facing the challenge and risking failure – make mistake…try new things…take chances