NO Pets On Soccer Fields

Published by League Admin
Nov 21, 2018
Coaches and Parents,
This is a friendly reminder that CVYSL has a NO DOG ON FIELDS Policy and that the administrators of the schools and parks have also asked us to not have any animals at our fields.
Please communicate with your players, parents and visitors to leave animals at home when visiting any location that North Highlands-Antelope Youth Soccer Club uses for either practice or games. All Soccer Clubs within CVYSL are under the same requirements from their administrators so it is best to leave all pets at home during both home and away games.
Beyond the safety issue of having dogs at events with children the other concern is that we do not want to cause problems with our permits for having animals at the fields. Please do not put Board Members or Referees in the position to have to ask a parent to take animals off the field, they often get upset.
Thank you for your cooperation it is greatly appreciated!
NHAYSC Manager